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Telecommunication Repair

A Customizable Repair Solution

For over 20 years ICBS has worked with both large and small companies to develop our current version of a fully customizable repair service. From early on ICBS saw the importance of a high in-house repair rate. Over the years ICBS has purchased and installed more brands and types of Telecommunications switches and equipment than ANY other repair company in the industry. Our current average of an astonishing 92% in-house repair rate, is responsible for our fast turnarounds, ultra-low out of box failures, and ultra-low warranty return averages. It's all about maintaining a higher level of quality and process control.

Live Switch Testing

All items are repaired and tested in a live switching environment, under actual operational loads, before being returned to the customer. This level of testing is required in order to maintain ultra-low repair return averages.

A Custom Solution

The ICBS "ONE" repair solution is FULLY customizable! ICBS can bulk load your employees and even link employees and accounts all the way up to the presidential levels. It gives you reporting never before available.

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